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The New EN131 Professional Standard

Improving ladder safety and making buying the right ladder easier

What are the changes?

EN131 is the new revised European standard covering all types of portable step, extending and combinations ladders. The new standards includes Non-Professional & Professional standards for domestic users & workplace users respectively. However, the changes conflict with the current BS2037 British Standards, which therefore must be withdrawn.

The purpose of this change is to include additional testing and dimensional changes to improve safety. All ladders now have the same minimum capacity of 150kg. A transition period is now in place after this initial introduction of the new standard to allow manufacturers time to adapt to any relevant changes within the standards. Therefore, gradually over time, existing ladder stocks will be replaced with ladders certified to the new standards.


How has EN131 changed ladder specification?

A standard has been introduced in the UK which revokes the existing BS 1129 & BS 2037 standards. Previously, the UK had differed from other European countries with a standard specific to ladders intended for domestic use. The domestic standards have to be withdrawn to make way for the new EN131 standard. Lyte is our most popular producer of ladders on Ladders.co.uk. Lyte are re-engineering and re-testing their ladders to ensure they all meet and pass the new standard. There will be dimensional changes that effect ladders, which are designed to improve stability as well as changes to testing, for increased strength and for product stability.

Here are some of the improvements that Lyte have made:


How does this affect you (Q&A)?

Can I still sell ladders to the old standards?

Yes, you can still sell any ladders that you have stock of.

Are the new standards compulsory?

Standards in the UK are not compulsory.

Can I still use ladders to the old standards?

Yes, you can use any existing product, providing they are in a good condition. Standards are not retrospective and only apply to new equipment.

What will happen to non-compliant products?

Products certified to the standard at the time of manufacture that are fit for use can be used. However, replacement products must be certified to the new standard.

Will Brexit affect standards?

No, the UK will continue to adopt EN131.