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Podium Steps and Platforms

Our podium steps are ideal for using at a low level, they are much better suited to lower heights than a step ladder or a hop-up work platform when working at a height; this is because the podium steps and platforms have a larger surface area to work on, they are also more stable than other kinds of ladders working at this height, giving you the balance and confidence needed to get the job done quicker. They feature a large work platform and protective guardrails to ensure your safety; they also come with removable wheels in order to transport them around as quickly as possible.

While most ladders available in this section are made from aluminium only, choice products give you the option for a timber frame instead. If you are interested in purchasing one of these podium steps in timber then please find the relevant products and call us at 0117 330 2277.

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  • Drabest EN131 Professional Multi-Purpose Ladder & Scaffold
    Platform Height 0.98m
    Length 1.5m

    Drabest EN131 Professional Multi-Purpose Ladder & Scaffold

    £211.94 £275.52

    (5 reviews)

  • Zarges EN 131-7 Professional Telescopic Mini ZAP Work Platform
    Open Height 1.45m
    Closed Height 1.45m

    Zarges EN 131-7 Professional Telescopic Mini ZAP Work Platform

    £1,111.96 £1,199.99

    (no review, yet!)

  • Zarges EN131-7 Professional Telescopic Giant ZAP Work Platform
    Open Height 4.17m
    Closed Height 3.28m

    Zarges EN131-7 Professional Telescopic Giant ZAP Work Platform

    £2,010.95 £2,399.99

    (4 reviews)

  • Z300 Folding Work Platform  - Hop Up

    Z300 Folding Work Platform - Hop Up

    £488.95 £599.99

    (no review, yet!)

  • Interlink Alloy Podium 500
    Max Platform Height 0.5m
    Reach 2.5m

    Interlink Alloy Podium 500

    £374.95 £451.20

    (3 reviews)

  • Z600 Platform Stairway

    Z600 Platform Stairway

    £989.95 £1,199.99

    (no review, yet!)

  • TB Davies X-Tower Mobile Scaffold Tower Platform

    TB Davies X-Tower Mobile Scaffold Tower Platform

    £2,962.96 £5,190.66

    (no review, yet!)

  • Interlink Alloy Podium 670
    Max Platform Height 0.67m
    Reach 2.67m

    Interlink Alloy Podium 670

    £394.96 £595.99

    (1 reviews)

  • Interlink Alloy Podium 420
    Max Platform Height 0.4m
    Reach 2.4m

    Interlink Alloy Podium 420

    £272.95 £318.24

    (2 reviews)

  • Teletower


    £1,104.95 £1,240.00

    (2 reviews)

    Available: 1st Sep 2021
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Here you will find our range of podium steps and platform ladders, all fully tested for your piece of mind. We offer these ladders from heights between .42m and 5.15m in elevation; with such a varied range of heights available we can guarantee you that you will find the perfect ladder for you. These are much more suited to perform smaller tasks such as changing lightbulbs in a warehouse, interior decorating, fixing light rigs, attaching smoke detectors to walls and many more to discover; as a result of these ladders' long list of abilities it is decided that these are far better at performing small tasks such as these than step ladders or a hop-up work platform, if not only for their increased security measures.

The platform ladders and podium steps feature high guardrails to reduce the risk of slipping or losing your balance and falling from the ladder; paired with the large work areas these ladders are provided with and you have the stability and confidence to finish a job quicker than you could on any step ladder. All of our podium steps and platform ladders come equipped with removable wheels for ease of movement both on a job and moving them between jobs; the wheels are easy to attach and remove (it is not recommended to attempt to climb the ladder while the wheels are still attached).

Our products are used by crafts and tradesmen all across the country and we're inviting you to join them, if you have any questions or wish to contact our expert sales team you can do so by calling at this number: 0117 330 2277.

Customer Testimonials

  • These ladders are perfect for the type of jobs we need done. We run a dance and theatre group and we use this ladder for setting up the lighting rig and making sure that it doesn't fall on anyone during the performance! Really high quality and it hasn't wobbled once.

    Roger Bateson
  • Credit where credit is due these platforms are incredible! I'd been using a stepladder at work for years before I found your range of podium steps, now I don't think I could go back again. I still use my step ladder for things around the house but these are far more suited for the work environment.

    Alfred Blackburne
  • I cannot stress this enough, these products are so much safer to use than a generic step ladder, if you own a business and you usually use step ladders while on the job then please consider buying some of these instead, they're worth the extra price

    Jeremy Dean