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Loft Ladder Measurements Explained

There are four types of Loft Ladders, Folding, Sliding, Telescopic and Concertina. When fitting a new Loft Ladder there are a few key measurements required to find one that suits your loft opening. All Lofts are designed differently so it can be very confusing which measurements are for which Loft Ladder, Below we have explained the main measurements required. If you still need help please do not hesitate to call us on 0117 3302277.

Loft Ladder Floor to FloorFloor to Floor Height (mm)
This is the measurement from the floor where your ladder sits to the floor of the room above, usually your loft/attic. You will need this measurement for Sliding, Concertina and Telescopic Loft Ladders as these all need to be fitted to the loft floor using brackets normally.

Loft Ladder Floor to CeilingFloor to Ceiling Height (mm)
This is the measurement from the floor where your ladder sits to the ceiling of the same room. You will need this measurement for Folding style Loft Ladders or Integrated frame and hatch.

Loft Opening MeasurementLoft Opening Measurement
This measurement is for the maximum size of the hole that can be made in your loft to be able to fit your new Loft Ladder. Other things to consider are where the joists are, and possibly boilers, chimneys, cables and any other obstructions. You will need this measurement for all types of loft ladders. Although Loft Ladders with Frame/Hatch Supplied are made to specific measurements and cannot be adjusted.

Vertical and Horizontal clearanceVertical & Horizontal Clearance
This measurement is taken from the hinge end of your loft hatch vertically and horizontally to the nearest obstruction i.e joists, Eaves Boilers etc. All loft ladder specifications should show this particular measurement, the maximum clearance required usually. It allows for the movement of the loft ladder when it arcs through the loft.

Swing clearanceSwing Clearance
This measurement shows the the ‘arc’ which the folded ladders will move when being opened or closed. You may have enough room when stored, but it is the actual ‘swing’ clearance that is important. This measurement is also taken from the hinge end of your loft hatch to the nearest obstruction I.e boiler, eaves etc.